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Gloomhaven reprint Kickstarter

Postby Zolzar » 30-Mar-2017, 9:08am

Isaac Childres has announced that he'll be kicking off a new Kickstarter for the reprint of Gloomhaven. Included are corrections to the rules and scenario books, a reinforced box and new spiffy HP and XP dials. For those of you who missed out, here's your chance to hopefully get a copy later this year! ... nouncement

I Kickstarted this when it was originally produced and put a bug in Jason's ear about it; I didn't realize it would sell out or be under produced as badly as it was, but I knew it would be great. So far my group has played around a dozen scenarios and I have to say this is the best dungeon crawler I've played that's fully co op, has unique card/action mechanics and maintains a campaign for character growth and progression.

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