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Posted: 29-Sep-2016, 5:35pm
by Apt2Game
We played this game last night. Man, what a great game! Totally lived up to the hype. Has anyone played it yet? What did you think?

Re: Scythe

Posted: 05-Oct-2016, 3:38am
by DimsumDad
Great game, I was an originally backer and the game did not disappoint. Artwork, component quality all top notch and the game play was well thought out with multiple paths to victory. We can't wait for the invaders from afar expansion to release to add more factions. Have you tired solo yet? I haven't gotten around to that yet.

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Posted: 05-Oct-2016, 7:13am
by Apt2Game
Have not tried solo yet, the rules look too complicated!

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Posted: 05-Dec-2016, 1:55pm
by tytusmk

I have played it a half a dozen times so far. The mechanics are great. Here are some thoughts:
Don't expect to fight a lot (unless you have vindictive friends).
Being on the Popularity track is essential, I have not seen anyone get decent points without being in the middle tier on this track.
Movement is very important, so I tend to get the +1 Movement upgrade ASAP. Don't underestimate the Mines as they can help you spread out without Riverwalk.
I have gotten Factory cards only 2x so I don't think they are as essential. I guess it depends if you can get there very early as some of them are more useful in the beginning. (getting a mech deployment card half way through the game might be useless).
Play your Faction Power (IE Polania should be roaming and collecting encounters, Rusviet should be gunning for Factory, Saxony should be dominating in fights and objectives).
And play your player board. (IE Don't build mechs if you have the agricultural board, you're better off Enlisting).

We played one game where the Norse faction jus sat in the north and upgraded stuff. They did not deploy any mechs. They came in 2nd place.



Re: Scythe

Posted: 07-Jul-2017, 10:45am
by Apt2Game
It's now almost a year later and I have played 10 times. Such a dynamic game! I've tried the same strategy with different factions with extremely different outcomes!

I think we'll be teaching this for next Teach Me Tuesday.